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之動得?違言語?何意味?待・之押that should fix it.


Aurora’s Broadcast #2 – The Mechanisms Update [02.2012 Terran Gregorian]

Greetings once again, stowaways. I’ll tell you now that the only reason we haven’t found
you and thrown you out of the nearest airlock (or worse) is that we’ve been a wee bit busy.
As follows:
Ulysses Dies at Dawn
We’ve been hard at work reminiscing over whisky and we reckon we’ve more or less got
this tale down tap. There are a few hazy points left, and some of us are still a little rusty
after an encounter with space whales last week. However, that shouldn’t stop us putting on
a show for your delectation and delight. In fact, I think we shall do that very thing.
The First Showing
If you’re in Oxford, or can be in Oxford, or have an outside chance of being in Oxford if
you start walking/planning to steal a spaceship now, on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 9TH,
you could come and see the first complete debut of this new story! We’ll be playing at the
CELLAR, where doors will open at 7PM for 5 of your English Pounds. As support, we are
lucky enough to be joined by POLAR PATTERNS (who played with us at Port Mahon last
time) and, from London, the clockwork intricacies of POCKETWATCH. Note that, to finish
before the venue’s curfew, timing will be very tight – so DON’T BE LATE. We’re looking
forward to seeing your faces, and hearing what you think of our tales of the City.
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frith_in_thorns: Unfortunately, you'll also all blow up. (Mechanisms - storybook)
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Aurora's Broadcast #1 - The Mechanisms update [01.2013 Terran]

Greetings, stowaways!

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Love, hate and all points in between from,

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